A silversmith for more than 5 years and an up and coming artist in the lampworking world, Dawn Minards’ jewellery is a combination of beautifully hand worked beads, sterling silver and natural gemstones.




Dawn had always been drawn to jewellery but two small children rarely afforded the time. After initially attending a local silversmithing course run by Amy Surman (Thame, Oxfordshire), she found herself well and truly hooked.

Initially focusing on her recently learned silversmithing skills, Dawn began buying British lampwork beads to compliment her work. This newfound fascination for the wide variety of British beads available, coupled with discovering the inspiration work of Mike Poole, propelled Dawn forward into this world.

At the start of 2006, Dawn attended a course run by ‘Jazzy Lily’ and found she had a natural aptitude for this new craft.

Head buzzing with ideas, Dawn set up her new studio and indulged her passion.

The following piece is an example of the complimenting of  Dawn’s outstanding silverwork and truly gifted lampwork.